Friday, July 27, 2012

What I Wore Today

Yah thats right im fat and love it (im a size 22/24 2x/3x)
Hey yall, today I was going to do some altering and tutorials, but my mother called me and wanted to go to the thrift store (cha ching). My son needed some luggage for his big move, so I went to the closet (I was still in pj's) and since it's 98 degrees here in Dallas today, I was looking for something breezy and cool.
So I picked up a black broom skirt and decided that today it was going to be a dress (had some unintentional high low effect going on). I looked through my belt slection and chose a strechy black and red lace belt, a red and black feather hair piece, and some black flats. Well in the midts of putting on minimal makeup (concealer, blush, and some lip stain) I was holding my blush brush apparently by the plastic casing and it slipped out and right into the toilet EWW

(now let me remind you I live with 3 men so this is the nastiest toilet ever, even with daily scrubs and bleach) so I pulled it out and washed it off (with plenty of soap) and took some pictures while waiting for my mother to show up.

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  1. Is it bad I'm jealous of 98 degree weather?

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  2. lol i would gladly trade you the 98degree or well yesterday it was 106, any day.