Monday, July 30, 2012

Amazing Gadget For Small Space Cooking

Hey this is the most amazing contraption that they have made for kitchens yet. It’s called the NUWAVE OVEN, apparently its and infrared oven, convection oven and regular oven all compressed into this 1 ½ -2 ft thingy. My mom bought it after watching the infomercial while she was in the hospital. When it came I unpacked it and was like wow this is cool, it came with silicone bake wear, and extender ring, pizza cutter/server, pizza or quesadilla flipper, a bamboo cutting board, a mini hand mixer, a food processor and a blender that is a pitcher.
She got the big package (can you tell) ;)  So after it sat in her kitchen for a month she realized that she was never going to use it, which happens with most of her kitchen gadgets and it came to reside with me as usual. She gave it to me as an early birthday present. Well my father in laws house is hotter than hell, and the kitchen is double that, and his room mate cooks before I get to so I just kinda stopped cooking and only started eating stuff that could be made in the crock pot or microwave, or from Jack in the Box (2 streets down) which has led me to put on about 25lbs. So when I brought it home I set up on my sewing/crafting/desk. It put out a little heat but not much and the coolest thing is that it can cook anything from a frozen state in less than 30 minutes. So the first try out was frozen chicken thighs and frozen veggies. 25 minutes later we had fully cooked moist chicken crispy on the outside juicy on the inside, and steamed veggies. The second try out was chicken breast in a herb and wine marinade.

I never went to college but if you have someone who is buy them this its awesome and they don’t have to cook with a hotplate or a hair dryer (hey I've seen it done). And best of all it's greener than a microwave. Here's their site love it.
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