Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Tightwad Gazette

What can I say about The Complete Tightwad Gazette written by Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced decision), other than it's freaken great. I first heard about it on and they were talking about washing and reusing plastic baggies. While at the time I thought that was a little extreme it sparked my interest and I put in a request at my library for it. Well I recieved it and woo wee is it way too big to read in 3 weeks and it was nonrenewable because apparently it's requested by tons of people, I had to wait 2 months just to recive it. Well I read it to about the third page into the second book (its made of 3 books that were printed with articles from the monthly gazette) then I had to give it back.
It was so chock full of tips that I decided to purchase it so I could read the whole thing and highlight and make notes in it. (Which is somthing I normally dont do just incase I decide to get rid of it but not this baby it's staying with me till I die) I'm not a diehard tightwad by any means, i'm actually a recovering spendthrift. As Mrs. Dacyczyn states in her book "not everything applies to everyone", which is true but with so much to choose from theres got to be something in there for everyone. So far I have taken to reusing aluminum foil for cooking, once on one side and then on the other side then I throw it away if its dirty or if it has breaks in it. I also with the help of other bloggers have discovered thrift stores. Now I have always known about them I just had some kind of stuck up mental block and wouldnt shop at one. There are so many tips I can't put them all in one post, but they might creep up in a post or two. In my opnion it is an essential book to read for everyone even if you only pick up one or two tricks/habits it will save you money...I mean it. Pin It


  1. Hey there, I am one of your newest followers. I just wanted to say congratulations and good for you, in this economy we all have to look out for and protect our wallets : ) Ironically I have washed and reused my resealable sandwich bags for years... I found the best way to wash then was on the upper shelf of the dishwasher... (in case you wanted to know lol). I'd love to swap and share ideas if you're ever interested.

  2. Well hi and thanks that would be great I really like the use of bread packaging to store meats, but i have noticed after washing the bags more than like 3 times it starts to become compromised.