Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bleach Pen Shorts Tutorial

Well this was going to be a Pinterest project but after these jeans were cut they just didn't seem to be the right length for the bleach drip and sharpie project. So I just decided to go ahead and try out the bleach pen design project. Now they do require the same tools and materials, other than substituting the liquid bleach for the bleach pen and adding a stencil.
My arsenal: Bleach Pen, Jeans, Scissors, Stencil, Sharpie Fabric Markers, Cardboard(not shown)

First Cutoff the jeans if you want to and lay them flat, then slide your cardboard inside where you intend to apply your design (forgot to take a pic of this before I did the bleach)

Then lay your stencil down and apply bleach inside the stencil remove stencil and allow time for the bleach to do its thing, I kept checking mine on 15 minute intervals because I had no idea how long it was going to take, then I looked it up and one tutorial said 2 days so I applied more bleach to the area and let it dry for about 9 more hours. I washed them and because they were not white enough I decided to add more bleach to the area and let is sit for 12 more hours.

After your bleaching has finished to your desired color, then you apply any color or combination of colors with your sharpie’s that fits your design. I decided I wanted a paisley design so I grabbed the purple, pink, green, and blue and went to town.

I'm not the best drawer in the world so it looks home done and a little (lot) hippish but who cares I’m a 21’st century hippy any ways.

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