Friday, July 20, 2012

My Craft Area & a Few Preblog crafts

Here’s a little glimpse of my craft/sewing station in our room, a small dollar store vase upgrade, and a Pinterest tryout I made before the blog.

These are my work spaces, they take up about 5 feet of one wall in our room. Since we only have a room my spaces have to do double duty.

This is a dollar tree vase that went from holding random crap to a craft fail (spray paint and rubber band vase) to a perfect paint brush/sponge holder, with a little help of some silver spray paint and some snakeskin ribbon.


I love the use of book pages in any project, I have made a pair of shoes that are the lyrics to Cher’s “Dark Lady”(which need a touch up because I went to the cemetery and they got mud on them), a tray covered in the sheet music of Bryan Adams’s “ Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman”, and this cute hart garland that I saw on Pinterest.

P.S. Yes there are a few guns and knives that I tried to crop out, were from Texas!

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  1. I'm your very first follower!! Yay! I need to get on organizing my craft room. This looks like a great way to start! Way to go :)

  2. Thank you so much for following and as well as liking my organization. I think dollar tree is the best place for orgizination, you can even use the baskets with holes for ribbon storage.