Saturday, July 7, 2012

Craft Fail

Hey ya'll today I want to talk about a craft fail I have recently had. So im sure you know that you can find glittery shoes all over. Well of course im going to DIY it so I went to the thrift store and found a perfect pair of heels in my size (which is rare because im actually a half size an a wide too). So home with me they went. After all my wrapping the heel and sole so only the upper part was sprayed, I started spraying it with Krylon Glitter Blast in twilight sky and it took a few coats to get it fully covered. Man did it look awesome
so cheap ole me didn't think it was necessary to buy the clear coat that they have for the glitter blast, I just thought that any clear coat would do. Boy was I wrong! I used just some off brand clear coat that I had laying around the house, "oh nooo!" it turned the glitter blast white. (que tv music; du du du dum) Well while flustered to save it I turned to the only other clear coating I had: spray Minwax polycrilic. Not thinking what I was doing I sprayed them down hoping it would return the color, it did yay. So I was so proud of my creation I wore them to the store a few days later, when I got back home I was devastated they were chipping and the paint was coming off. After posting to Dollar Store Crafts face book page asking for help and receiving some info, I realized what I had done/did not do that caused the detriment of my shoes. #1 I did not sand the surface to allow the glitter to adhere to the surface and #2 Minwax polycrilic is a hardener (duh). So here they are my beautiful shoes. Yes I will re-spray them and hope for the best, do to there being so much that stayed on.

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