Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrift Day

Hey yall, today was another run around day. So since I didn't have a post planed for today I just wanted to share with yall what I scored at the thrift store today (thrift town).

Im not sure if all three items will end up on the blog but Im sure that two of them will. I scored a black below knee length skirt for $3 that has sequins all across the bottom that needs to be evened out because its missing some (easy as pie). Then there was a set of white lace curtains for $2 that I want to turn into a shirt, the hubby said it should be a skirt... not sure. And lastly a 90's batik long sleeve dress that was FUGLY the way it is, so im going to turn it into a strapless maxi.

A better view of the scalloping on the lace. 
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