Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glitter Shoes

Well this was a previous craft fail because I applied polycrilic to the shoes haha yah ok dumb move. Ok so I called Krylon and they sent me another Glitter Blast because my last one was faulty, and this bottle wasn’t much better but I can get it to stop spraying about 5 seconds after messing with it (side note if its windy you will have glitter all over you). So this go around I’m going to apply decoupage glue and hope for the best,
because I still don’t have any of the clear gloss that goes with the Glitter Blast. So these are after I got all the Glitter Blast back on (2 coats), it’s a little bubbly but oh well. Then I applied one coat of watered down decoupage glue and put them on and some areas still came off. Argg.. so I looked around and saw the glitter glue (light bulb) I mixed the pink and purple glitter glue and blotted them with my finger.

Well this added another color of glitter to the mix so I had to do it all over the shoes. Yay they are so pretty and so far the glitter hasen’t come off.

First take

After the thinned out decoupage glue, and glitter glue.
(excuse the dirt last time they were worn  I was in the front yard and its all dirt there)
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