Sunday, July 15, 2012

A quick note for those struggling with mental disorders and marriage

Hey I stumbled upon a site called Battling Bare its about women standing up and fighting against PTSD. Their husbands are soldiers that came back irreparably damaged from war, if they try to get help their husbands can get dishonorably discharged. What a crock.. They need help for what has happened to them in the line of duty. Please stop by and look and like them on Facebook. As I read their bio I cried because its not just a military thing, sometimes our men have some kind of trauma, and it turns our marriage up side down, I cry for every woman, and man that has to deal with this, but it makes us stronger. My husband some how developed a few diseases (fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disorder, spinal stenosis, and spondalosis) about 5 years ago, these diseases don't occur except in the elderly (except fibromyalgia) and my hubby is 27. Because of this he has lost the feeling of his left lower leg and hip area, which cause him to have to use a cane or wheel chair. He has more bad days then good. And because of this he has developed PTSD that has led to Borderline personality disorder, DID (multiple personalities) & extreme Bipolar. I know most people don't want things like this known but it needs to be addressed. Mental disorders can cause someones world to turn upside down. I have bipolar too but its no big deal. But if it wasn't for hearing other peoples struggles and how they dealt with it, and even TV, The United States of Tera, has helped me learn how to deal with these issues. Now im passing it on, Dont give up even when things feel like they can get no better and only worse, turn to some one who knows, life feels like a roller coaster from minute to minute, your love is the strongest medicine. But if you feel like you cant go on, talk to someone, or go to a park and just swing for a little while, those moments of peace will help you through. I promise.

With all the love in my heart,
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