Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recent Creations

Ok so here we go these are some of the things that I have made in the past few months please excuse the background at the moment my husband and I have to shove a whole house in one bedroom in my father-in-law's house until I am able to get a job (wooh is it hard to find a job these days). The body form is of course a duct tape body form which I named "Betty Boobie" for obvious reasons. I find them to be great, but you definitely have to have some one else to help wrap you in the tape. Sorry about the pictures they were taken with my phone. These do not have tutorials or before and afters because they were made before the blog, I promise that there will be with the rest. 

Bow sleeved top from a long sleeved top refashion. 

Just a simple long sleeve refashion I found while blog surfing pretty easy just follow the directions, and one piece of advice start gathering at the wrist and leave the sleeve cap at the bottom.

Jack Daniels refashion 
Originally this was a men's 5x t shirt left by a departed friend, so I cut it right under the sleeves, took in the sides, and sewed some elastic to the top and finished it with a tie for the neck with leftovers from the excess.

Reversible Tank Refashion
Just a simple crochet neck addition to a Faded Glory tank top, which can be worn with the detail in the back or the front. 

One sleeve top with strap

This is a one sleeve top that I decided to add a strap on so I can wear a bra with. The pattern is an Leko custom fit pattern #5655. If you don't know what Leko is, it is a Russian company that makes digital patterns that fit to your measurements. This specific fabric is sheer so it will have to be worn with something underneath. The strap is made from a simplicity ribbon that I got from Walmart, I figured it would go well with the fabric because of the roses. Since I'm a plus size Leko is the usual way I like to go when it comes to patterns, although I do know how to grade patterns decently but im lazy :) and don't like to do it if I don't have to. (Hubby legs peeking behind Betty)

Leo Cowel Neck Apron
Simple apron made from 2 rectangles (cut yard) and some orange ribbon. The cowel is actually a lucky accident I grossly over estimated the top portion and when it was tied it looked funny. So, whats a girl to do... improvise. I pinched the straps and decided to put some ribbon there and thus the cowel neck apron was formed. Ribbon ties at the neck and around the back.

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