Saturday, July 7, 2012

Statement Ring DIY

Well one of my favorite things to do is make jewelry, mainly because it's quick and relatively easy depending on what your making. Today's tutorial is on how to make a statement ring out of a cool looking button. I have previously made rings from buttons, pieces of discarded necklaces, and adornments from worn out flip flops. I do a lot of online shopping so I got my ring blanks from ebay, but you can get them from many places etsy, ebay, artfire, and walmart craft section. (sorry for the bad pics will be getting better camera soon and the pics will be taken by my photographer honey)

 Supplies needed : Pliers, button/adornments, glue and a ring blank. 

First take your pliers and pop of the button tab that you sew through leaving a (hopefully) flat surface. If not you can sand it, but on this ring I didn't and it still came out fine.

Then apply your glue to the middle of the button(don't have a pic of this its pretty self explanatory). When it comes to glue a lot of people say use E600 and some say use Duco cement, or I've even heard use hot glue. In my opinion E600 and Ducuo Cement are both equally durable I have used both in my jewelry making but this specific ring I used Duco cement and its held up wonderfully. But the one thing that I can not stress enough is let it cure at least over night with out touching it. Through my trials I have learned the hard way don't mess with it while curing and don't rush it, you will be grateful later on.

After it has cured you should have a wearable statement ring. Now go rock that baby!

These are two statement rings I have made recently, the one on the left was a large earring glued on with E600 and the one on the right is the one I made for you today with the Duco cement.

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