Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hubby's Bathroom Wrap Tutorial

Here’s a small project I was working on while working on the bleach pen project. Modesty is not something that my husband and son really regard, so they aren’t clad that often, they could live in a nudist colony.
Well like I’ve stated before we live with other people so that kind of presents a problem. One day at the thrift shop I found a sarong that I liked a lot so I bought it and brought it home so I didn’t have to get a robe at night to go to the bathroom or walk around the house, well my husband decided he was going to use it too. Unfortunately with all of the use all the embroidery has come undone. So I decided to make him a bathroom wrap like my father used to have when I was little. So I went to work on hand sewing 3 snaps to the fabric.
  My arsenal: A fat quarter maybe a little bigger, 3 snaps, Tailors chalk(not shown) Sewing needle and thread(sorry for the crap pic)

First choose where you want to place the snaps and mark them on the fabric and start sewing the bottom snaps on the outside of the rite side of the fabric. (The side that touches the skin)

Once you are done with all of the bottom snaps (the nippley ones, yes I know its not a word but it is now). Then you match up and mark the places where you want the inside/ top snaps to be. And start sewing them in their correct places (on the inside of the fabric where it overlaps the bottom snaps)

 When lined up it should look something like this.

Well I didn’t measure my husband and just started sewing and had to rip out the snaps 3 times. L Next time I will not eyeball it! 

He also refused to model it for me so sadly its another flat bed shot, sorry yall.
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