Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bye Bye Bow Shirt

(the awful head has no makeup, hair not done, and disappointment spread all over it)
OK so yeah, that bow sleeve top I refashioned was a good lesson; Try on the top even if it looks OK on the body form. I was going to wear it the other day and put it on and went about my business around the house, until I passed the mirror in the hallway. OH NO!! The bows looked like pauldrons. So I came in the bedroom and told my husband, “You could have told me how bad this top looked”! And the sad part was we were going to the doctor’s office. While removing the stitches of the bows I thought OK well I’ll take both of them off and reposition one and have it like one of those bow shouldered tops, but I pined it on and it just really didn’t look right and I decided this is just one for the scrap pile. There was just something about the fabric it was too lose even though I took it in, and the fit was just all wrong. Bye Bye shirt… Oh and I think I'm going to start exercising my arms they're getting fatter, NO!!! I Love my body, but my rolls are getting rolls LOL
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