Monday, July 9, 2012

Mirror Mirror Tutorial & Sale

A while ago I bought some charms because I wanted to make a charm bracelet, I love charm bracelets and how they move and how interesting they are. So I went to my trusty shopping friend ebay and looked for some charms and I came across these hand mirror charms with a rhinestone in the bottom so of course I had to have them…(I have a mirror obsession) When I got them and opened it to my surprise they actually were mirrors not just a charm that looks like one but an actual mirror! So of course these had to become a pair of earrings, and if I might say so myself one of the most unique pair ive seen. So now i’ll show you how to make them.

My arsenal; 2 jump rings, 2 charms, 2 earring hooks, and my trusty small pliers.

Normally you don’t have to twist the little ring on the hook, but this time you have to so the mirror will face properly or at least my version of properly : )

Open the jump ring, slide the ear hook on, and the charm.

Close it and rock it honey!

Finished Pair

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