Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Overview

Hey yall, what a great weekend I had. Well it started of kinda bad but the most amazing fabric shop made it great. My allergies have been killing me, so bad that it put me down for most of Friday. But then on Saturday I stumbled up on some money and I knew exactly what I wanted, fabric.
Well I looked around online and saw some stuff I liked but I knew if I bought fabric online I wouldn’t be able to buy as much as I wanted because of shipping prices. I really wanted to stretch this sum, so I decided that I wanted to go to the outlet district in Dallas. The first store I went to was outrageously priced (think Joann’s with out any sales), hey I’m working on a thrifty budget yall. But then I turned the corner and what I thought was their shipping port was actually another store, it looked so small I was not expecting the colossus amount of fabric that was there, and at great prices. I was in fabric heaven tables and tables and rows and rows 1.00 a yard 5yd minimum cut, 3.00 a yard 3yrd minimum cut, it’s a fabric mecca, yah I normally don’t like minimum cuts but I'm a plus size so I naturally buy 3 to 4 yards anyways. Then they had some designer cotton for 3.00 a yard no minimum cut it was great. I scored some great fabric. Enough to get a minimum of 4 skirts and 2 full dresses. The lady was like “you picked really good fabric what are you making?” I told her I had no idea except for the black and polka dot fabric, I knew it was going to be a Modcloth type of dress, other than that I’m the type of person who buys the fabric and lets it tell me what it should be. See yall around.
Heres a larger picture so yall can see the details in the fabric its beautiful!

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