Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Fact or Fiction

In a recent post I said that one of the set of series post was going to be about Pinterest. Well I have decided to call it “Pinterest: Fact or Fiction”. So far that I’m  aware of there isn’t anything called that, so hopefully I’m not stepping on any toes, I do know that there is a series of posts called “Pinterest Fail” this is not the same thing. I know that a lot of you have seen stuff on Pinterest that just seemed too good to be true. Case in point the “Glowing Mountain Dew”, we all now know that it is a hoax and that they put some kind of glow stick in the bottle. But there are many others out there that have not been tested. These posts are about the method and result, are the results achievable with the stated method and if not how do you get that result. (Disclaimer I am not bashing or stealing credit in any way I just want to give the public proper information and my opinion)
(I repeat this is not my picture this is from pinterest and oh so pretty the diaries)

So with out further a due I give you “Pinterest fact or fiction # 1 Ziplock baggie manicure paint”.  I found this picture on pinterest and then found the tutorial on these ladies have some serious style and great info, I hope this works because I agree with them, its just too damn hard to paint a design on your non-dominant hand.

 So here we go:  baggie (fresh and new jewelry sized) (check) painted finger nail (check) nail polish (check) off we go!

Ok so I figured the quickest and most simple design would be a smiley face. By no means am I a finger nail polish artist, so my smiley face came out well “a face only a mother could love”.

I first put a circle of yellow on the baggie, then drew the eyes and mouth and allowed it 15 minutes to dry. It was still tacky after 20 so I let it dry some more. (I think I applied too much yellow)  So just in case I drew just a straight black line at the 20 minute check.
Well after 45 minutes I tried peeling off the face and just ended up with a giant smudge and the black line did peel off but only half way. There fore I decided that I needed to do it again but a drastically lighter coat, so here we go again. Trial and error that’s how we learn. 
K so 15 minutes later I tried again and well all I got was a ripped and smudged face.

Hats off to you ladies for getting the result you wanted but unfortunately I did not so for me I’m gonna have to say its possible but this just a very difficult thing for me to achieve. This one is neither fact nor fiction its plausible. If anyone has any advice as how to do it successfully I would greatly appreciate it because I so desperately want this to work.
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