Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Bling Hair Comb

I love hair accessories! I mean so much that I have drawers full of headbands and hair clips, and two 4ft ribbons of hair clips that I cant store any where but on the wall because of the feathers. Even though I have a tonnage of hair accessories I don’t really own that many hair combs, mainly because they don’t hold my thick hair back so really what’s the use when I have to have other pins and stuff right there so the just get in the way. But these I thought I could do something with.
They actually were one of those stretchy hair comb things that’s supposed to hold the hair with the tension, but they were huge and UGLY as hell. So I took them apart put the combs in a vase and forgot about them, But then one day while looking at a Glitter n Glue post about bejeweled shoes I realized what I could do with those hair combs… bejewel them. So I went and grabbed my arsenal and of I went to work.

My arsenal: Glue gun, Jewels, Hair comb, and Krylon Glitter Blast (starry night)

I know you’re supposed to sand everything you spray paint but I just seem to skip that part so I went on to spraying the comb, it took about 2 coats front and back.

After it had dried (a total of about 20 minutes per side) I went on strategically placing the stones how I wanted them to look before I glued them on, mainly because they had a circular and a square stone in one setting so it needed to be placed a certain way for it too look right. So time to glue.  

The pieces these were tricky to place because of the comb being curved and the jewels not and unfortunately if you try to bend these the settings break.  So I carefully added glue to the gems and stuck them babies down. This is what I got.

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