Thursday, August 30, 2012

While I was away

Ok so here's some stuff that I have been doing while not blogging. I decided that instead of just picking out a pattern and a fabric and just sewing them up, that I needed to work on actually designing the clothing and planing properly. Because I have found that I might make something and be really proud that I made it but I don't wear it. So here are some sketches that I sat down and did. I also made myself 2 different sketch books. One is a spiral notebook for designs and just ideas covered with scrapbook paper and some glitter glue, and then one is a sketch book that I made out of some pages from one of my husbands large sketch books that I hand bound. But first I have learned in the time of my husbands illness in the past 5 or so years that to take joy in the little things because nothing in (at least our) life turns out right.
So I was making him some pancakes and I flipped one over and found a heart in one of them. Now after the fact I noticed that the pancake it self is kind of heart shaped but if you look closely you will find over half of a heart shape. I decided to say it was because I was making them out of love because this was a late night craving that I did not have to make but it was something he wanted. Now back to the sketches and their homes.

The 2 of them

This is the one that I hand bound with the sketch paper, some card stock, ribbons, and scrap book paper. 

This is about 8 pages from one of my husbands sketch books (not like he will ever use them), folded in half and then bound together with some ribbon out of the stash. I made the holes with an ice pick which left a mark I tried to blur out lol

The outsides are 2 pieces of card stock (salvaged from some damaged book) glued to the first and last piece of sketch paper and covered in scrap book paper with a ribbon to cover the seam.

This is a piece that I would like to make inspired by an elven merchant outfit from the video game Sacred 2 Fallen Angel (one of the few video games I play) I am no artist, and couldn't get the breast hole like I wanted it a couple times.

This Is the Meringue skirt from the Colette Sewing Handbook and I was deciding on what fabric to use because honestly if I would have just picked up some fabric and started sewing I would have gone with the blue and white polkadots but in fact it looks better in the multi-colored chevron print. (see planing is a good thing)

This is a design I made for a doily that I dyed and had no idea what to do with and I just happened to have the navy stretch knit that matched it perfectly. Oh BTW I some times write in my own type of short hand that most people can not read. If I do in the future I will explain what it actually stands for.

Also something that I loved to do since I was in my teens... Drunken photo shoots. Yes I know I sad in my teens, my life started early ok.. Any ways here are some shots from last week.

And from last December...the drag pics (remember I LOVE makeup) and sometimes I get artistic

And NO I do not photo shop ever!

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