Friday, August 10, 2012

Refashion Friday Beige Shawl

When we went on our first vacation (for the both of us as individuals and as a couple), I went shopping, now normally in my day to day clothing I’m not that fancy, I don’t wear much makeup or most of the time none at all. But when it’s a special occasion (at least in my head), I go all out. So I went shopping for outfits and bought a pretty beige shawl with iridescent sequins on it, because you never know when you need some spiffying up.
Well let’s just say it didn’t get used. So when we came home I just hung it up with the other shawls and went along my business, but I kept seeing it and thought to myself that it might get more use if I turned it into a bolero. I love shawls but they are difficult to keep on while doing something else. So out it came on a day I had no inspiration and I went to sewing. I had previously done this to another shawl and made it a little too small so I used that one as a guide.My arsenal; previously altered shawl, sewing machine and matching thread, 2 safety pins.
First I laid out the shawl and folded it in half

Then I laid the other shawl on top of it to give me a guide and pinned in the right places

I took it to the sewing machine and started sewing a straight line no longer than 2 ½ inches because I wanted plenty of arm room( I failed that on the first one, you live you learn)

Then I put it on and it was too flowy so I decided to sew the “arms” shut. So carefully I started at one seam and sewed the scalloped parts together on both “arms”

And viola a shimmery goes with everything bolero  (lol not having a good head day)

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    1. Thanks, actually i like it better now than i did before, i think it will get more use