Monday, August 13, 2012

Rummaged Stuff

So today I found out that the lady down the street died, I didn’t know her personally but my husband said she was a sweet lady he had know her his whole life, he would ask her if he could pick a rose from her bushes to bring to me. I saw her son moving some stuff out yesterday and then this morning I was driving to go check out the Goodwill store I have never been to, well lets just say my normal haunt is much better on prices. But when I came back home I stopped by her house and rummaged through some stuff, its amazing how much you can learn about a person just by looking through some of their belongings,
like she was a doll aficionado she had tons of doll magazines, she knitted and cross-stitched I grabbed some of her doilies hoping they could be salvaged only a few could. I also grabbed some lace curtains and something I thought was a jacket which was actually a dress in an awesome green and white fabric, a bag of lingerie no i'm not wearing them I just was wondering if there was any vintage shape wear in the bag and there was 2 pieces were saved not because they were salvageable but so I can study them and recreate some for myself and some great books most were molded so yay book page crafts, in those were 2 books on needle crafts from the 70’s and a super sized world almanac, it has some great pictures in it.

The green dress was so amazing and the dress fit so it was a great find. It has some spots on it but they came out with the clever use of the bleach pen.

These are the curtains we all know how much lace costs so if I see it I grab it.

These wonderful books

And her needle work

Last but not least the wonderful vintage shape wear, a girdle that I love because it has built in guarder loops and a boned bustier I think they might have been a pair.

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