Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prince Candle Holders

(I have no idea what that blue spot is)
Hey yall, so this is another set of items that have been sitting in my to do pile for almost a year now. I know that’s a long time but when its sitting out in the garage its “out of sight out of mind” ya know? But anyways I'm really not much one for sanding but I did a little just to rough it up grabbed what I needed and went to work. The reason these caught my eye is because they remind me of the symbol Prince changed his name to, before he changed it back. I mean come on who changes their name to a symbol? But its Prince, he can do what ever he likes, and I still love his sexy little butt. *thought* he is a little man, weird but what ever.

My arsenal: Krylon Primer, Black spraypaint, something to lay the wet items on, and some sand paper I used 100 grit. After flipping them over I noticed they used to be silver, witch was a lot better than the gold, but if I haven’t told yall yet I think that home wall d├ęcor like frames candle holders and such should be black, not just because I like it, but because its universal.

So the first thing I did was disassemble the candle holders and lightly sanded them.

Then I took them and the primer outside and went to work spraying them, I will say that primer takes a lot less than a color.

I brought them in to dry and then when they were dry I took them back out for a few coats of the black spray paint. After and hour they were still tacky so I brought them to my room and let them dry in here. I have discovered that the rest of our house is to hot to let things dry properly.

Tada they look so much better Pin It

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