Monday, August 6, 2012

Koozie Upgrade

Hey yall I don’t know about yall but I hate plain things especially if I use it often everything has to be customized in my world. And this drink koozie gets used often so as usual I got tired of looking at the plain blue color with the insurance label on it. So what do I do? I head for the fabric scraps and customize that baby! Here’s the drink koozie that I was creating. Not much of a verbal tutorial as it is pictorial; it’s pretty self explanatory, so here we go.

My arsenal; Needle and matching thread, drink koozie, Elmer’s spray adhesive, seam ripper, scissors, marker, and fabric

So first off you have to turn your koozie inside out so you can get at the treads holding it together and rip those seams

Then you lay it out on your fabric and trace around it (if your fabric is not already ironed you can do that as well to make sure you don’t get any ripples)

Cut out your fabric its ok if it a little too big or not exactly perfect just try to position any mess ups on the sides so the seam will hide it.

Lay your koozie on your surface, and then lay your fabric for a quick check of the fit. Then spray your koozie and place the fabric on top and let it dry for an hour.

Smooth every thing out and flip the koozie inside out, folding it the way it was when you ripped the seams now its time to sew new seams. I decide to hand sew it because I didn't want the glue to mess up my machine. (excuese the black spray paint I was multitasking between this and the candelabra)

After its sewn trim down any excess and there you go a new not so bland koozie. You can decorate the top or any other part to further your decoration in any way you like.

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