Friday, August 17, 2012

Out for the day

Hey yall, well I don't have a refashion Friday project. I would but I jacked up the sewing and it took me (not kidding) from 6pm to 10pm to completely rip 2 seams. I learned 2 things, 1. I need to stop sewing my seams with my small zigzag stitch and 2. if your making a butterfly top the arm seams have to be sewn on the outside because you can not turn it right side out when your done! Argg my hands kinda hurt today. But lesson learned and moving forward, my birthday is today so im going to be out for the day so sorry for the lack of a quality post. Check yall tomorrow. But I did finish the dress before we went out so here's a picture of me in it and my glitter shoes (which did not hold up again the glitter came off so its time to soak and start over with something else), and I will post the tutorial later.
Please keep in mind this is not my house and I live with 4 grown men including my husband so the nastiness is not me it was here before me.
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