Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pinterest tryout Book Page Table Runner

Today is another Pinterest try out, the book page table runner. So I got to making the book page table runner and I chose the smallest book which was “To kill a mockingbird”, which I have never read. Well as I was assembling my table runner my husband said “what book is that” I told him what it was and he said “that book is everything we stand against”, I said ok and kept going along and he kept writing on his book. Then I noticed a specific word that I’m quite sensitive to
... Nigg*r. I told my husband “why the hell didn’t you tell me what the book was about before I started this project!” he just laughed, as I continued to assemble the project I stumbled up on some other prejudices, I understand that the book was written in times that were socially different than now but I am extremely aggravated by intolerance (because I’ve had to deal with it so much in my 24 years here). So I guess I’m going to have to write Ignorance Is Not An Excuse across it or something like that. No real tutorial for this one its pretty self explanatory instead of a glue stick I used some Elmer’s glue because I didn’t have a glue stick. As I was going along I noticed that it was starting to curve so I had to flip it over and glue some pages to the back to even it out but it doesn’t quite line up with the other pages but who cares. The thing turned out to be between 7-8 feet long I kinda just gave up after a while if it is too short for what ever table we get I will change it then. I’m not quite sure how to store it… any ideas are welcome.

Half way through you can start to see  the curve
The full thing Had to stand on the couch to get the whole picture


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  1. I love this, what a great idea
    i would love for you drop by our linky party over at live love laugh and share this beautiful creation with us
    xx hope to see you there

  2. Hi Meka! Such a cute idea :) The Curb Alert! Block Party link is up again today and through the weekend. I would love it if you joined us again! http://tamicurbalert.blogspot.com/2012/08/friday-block-party-15.html
    Have a great weekend!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

    1. Well I dont have any new tutorials but I do have a post for some stuff ive made recently.

  3. JSYK, you really ought to read the book- It's a classic and it's really about how Atticus Finch stands in the face of the prevailing prejudice and does the right thing. He teaches his children that intolerance is wrong; the only way to really snuff out prejudice is to teach our children the truth, so they can teach their own children and so on. Just my two cents' worth.