Saturday, August 25, 2012

Advanced Style

Hey yall. My mother always told me that she dreaded and cried when she turned 30. But my mother was beautiful at 35 when she had me. But my mother is not a fashionable woman at all. So I grew up thinking that wearing heels and makeup and dresses was something you do when your getting dressed up to go some where. Well ladies I want to tell you something, I turned 25 last week and I am just becoming the fashionable beautiful woman that I should have been long ago because of living with my mother in law, she always put her "face" on every day. And I learned something from that, every day you should look your best! I have always loved makeup and have always owned a hoard of purses,shoes, and makeup (at one time I had a milk crate full of makeup but now its just a drawer full). But back to the subject, aging is not something to be afraid of! Especially in our society where 50 is the new 40 and so on. Before I started my blog I read a blog called "Advanced Style", where a man named Ari Seth Cohen photographed women aged 60+ some of these women are 98-101 years old. And these ladies have some serious style and a wonderful outlook on life. This further inspired me to be beautiful and realize that age dosn't matter you can look beautiful at any age. So ladies don't dread age embrace it, and always stay stylish.

Heres Aris' trailor for his new documentary. He has also written a book titled "Advanced Style" Please go check out his site and his book. Advanced Style

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  1. I hope you don't mind me joining/commenting on your blog, I always feel a little weird at first.
    I don't know you, you don't know me, it's kinda like walking up to a stranger on the street and saying, hey, lets get coffee.

    Anyway, as to your post. I agree, always be the best that you can be. It makes you feel good and when you feel good you treat others good. If you feel crappy you treat others the same.
    It's a kind of Karma thing I think.
    25 is very young, you can make life whatever you want.

    1. No I dont mind at all, I actually love seeing peoples comments it's the main reason I decided to not shut the blog down. I'm weird and cant find people that understand me in my life so my blog friends are like my only friends lol (sounds pathetic but true). I have also noticed that if you look your best some women get jealous but many others complement you, I have even been told "I wish I had the courage to wear what I want to wear" by a lady in the thrift store one day. Also I have been asked "How do you have so much confidence being as big as you are?" I'm a size 22. And I just tell them my self confidence has nothing to do with my size or my clothes I love my body and men love it too. :)