Friday, August 3, 2012

Something Unique

Well hey yall. I was trolling about the city running some erronds when I stoped into 7-11 & saw this beauty when I was walking out.

This truck is owned by a former Marine named Mr. Floyd. I asked Mr. Floyd what posessed him to do this to his vehicle.
And he told me that he was an artist, and thought that everything should have some kind of self expression to it. (M.F. and I suit eachother :D ) He said that he loved diriving a piece of art and that his truck was just the mobile form of his art. I thought I took a picture of the front of the vehicle but my phone says I didnt (its lying), so you dont get to see the hood adornments but there were at least 6-12 horns on the hood along with other hood ornamints. The horns were fully functional and boy were they loud. He also had flags on both sides of the hood one for the Marines and one for our country. The back was also decorated and adorned with decals body pieces and a few licence plates. I wonder if he can see out of the back though because I dont think they are see through stickers. Well thats what I saw today and it made me feel good that other people are out there that dont give a damn what other people like or say and just do it. Thank you Mr. Floyd Pin It

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