Friday, September 28, 2012

Sequin Leaf Headband

Hey yall. I do a lot of my own hair accessory making, mainly so I can position things how I want them and because it is way cheaper. And my favorite accessory store is in another city so if I'm not going to that city I'm not gonna make a special trip unless I really want some accessories. So this post and the next post are going to be about head bands. I like to purchase my head band supplies on ebay, because well I love ebay. They are always made from some applique or feathers and gems, or a combination of the latter. Today's head band is an applique.

My arsenal: Hot glue gun (not shown), metal headband, and sequin applique.

First I lined up where I wanted the applique to be. I have a basic way of how I lay them out so I don't do any marking or anything but you could if you like with maybe a visible tape on the under side of the headband.

Then I start at the base of the applique and start slowly gluing it on the metal band. Approximately 1cm at a time because the shapes of the appliques differ so I take it slowly.

I continue to apply the glue and make sure that it is completely glued before I let it sit. Most people put a felt backing on their headbands I don't mainly because they are for me so why waste felt? I don't care what the bottom looks like.

Then after I know that the glue is completely dry I try it on to see how it looks. Believe me you must wait if you don't put felt on it, hot glue and hair don't mix. (please ignore the dandruff) 

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