Friday, September 21, 2012

Hats and a meet up

Hey yall. Well I have decided to intemperate hats in to my wardrobe and I'm not talking your traditional fedora or cowboy hat (although I do have a fedora in my storage), I'm talking fascinators and derby/church hats. The above collage is just a few of the new purchases that have made my bedroom wall and closet their home. Along with a scarf to match one of the hats and my bauble necklace. Now about the meet up I have the privilege to meet up with one of my fellow Texan bloggers Terry Mann from Urania's Inspiration at the Dallas Farmers Market this weekend I'm so excited. So see yall for now. Pin It


  1. Love the hats!!
    Aw, we forgot to take photos....
    Next time:-)

    1. Ty. Yah I realized that I forgot my camera when I was parking, oh well.