Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventures in home made gourmet cooking

So I decided that it was time to try gourmet cooking at home. Now I know how to cook things from scratch,   i'm not Betty Crocker (which there was actually no woman named that) but I can cook. I just happen to be lazy and have a horrible gross kitchen where we live and will die of a heat stroke if I stay in there too long.
But i'm tired of the same stuff and convenience foods. So my first dinner was Jalapeno cheddar burgers. I decided to go to the store and get some dough (which I had never worked with before and all they had was dough portioned into rolls) and jalapenos and a giant bag of shredded cheese (I love cheese on almost anything). So I pulled out 8 rolls and mixed it together into one big ball and let it rise for 2 hours like it said. Then I chopped up the jalapenos, put half of them in a bowl with 4 generous hand fulls of cheese and threw the dough in there and started kneading it all together, then I pulled it apart into equal balls to make buns. Then I took the same ammount of the mixture and kneaded it into the hamburger meat sectioned them up and threw them on the grill while the buns were baking. Once every thing was done I sliced the buns in half and dressed the burgers with just mayo and it was pretty good. The bottom of the buns could have been softer, they cooked too long because I was sharing the kitchen...again. Pin It


  1. You must be feeling better!
    Let me know when you're up to par so we can meet up.

    Internet has been sketchy out here, I was lucky to get on today :-)

    Jalapenos and cheese, yumm!!!!!!!!!!!